Nursing Home Neglect, Injury and Abuse

Illinois nursing homes should provide caring, compassionate care for the vulnerable elderly. It’s an unfortunate statistic however that nearly One Million senior citizens are abused every year in the USA.

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When a loved one is in an Illinois nursing home, we understand that you would hope to have an environment that provides proper medical attention and due care. You want to know that it’s a caring environment, as close to home for our loved ones as much as possible but…

When nursing home abuse or neglect happens, it’s a complete betrayal of trust.

arrow-vector-6Poor and inadequate staff training, low pay and bad supervision unfortunately leads to abuse, and when you see the physical signs, it’s important that you take action immediately…

These signs may include…

    • Untreated bedsores
    • Open wounds, cuts, bruises, or welts
    • Torn clothing or broken personal items
    • Bruising or evidence of restraint use
    • Excessive and sudden weight loss
    • Fleas, lice, and/or dirt on a resident or in the room
    • Abnormally pale complexion
    • Fecal and/or urine odors
    • Poor personal hygiene or other unattended health problems

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